Anonymous Ism

Known for its bright designs and beautifully crafted patterns, Japanese brand Anonymous Ism offers some of the most stylish socks around. Each pair is made by the company's experts, ensuring high quality. Turn up your cuffs and flash the label's Tokyo-infused brand of cool.


Baracuta is one of Britain’s most iconic heritage brands. Founded in Manchester in 1937, its iconic G10, G4 and G9 (Harrington Jacket) silhouettes have become timeless classics.


Bhode first launched in 2008 when it produced headwear under the moniker of Bhode & Company; a nod to this early heritage is signified on the current headwear labels.

Taking its name from the term forebode [to predict a future event], the brand aims to reinvent tried-and-tested classic menswear silhouettes to meet present-day demands and aesthetics.


The success of BIRKENSTOCK is rooted in its commitment to the art of making orthopedically inspired shoes. Over the centuries, it has built up a wealth of unparalleled experience that it has passed down from one generation to the next, with each generation cultivating and further expanding this knowledge.


Castart is not restricted by artistic disciplines such as painting, architecture or music, and they don’t think their clothing should be either – after all, art comes in a multitude of different forms. The definitive creative thread that runs through each of their collections is one of an artistic journey which allows you to tell your story through fashion. That’s also why they’re named ‘Castart’, French for ‘cheeky man’. Because the cheeky man doesn’t tell the stories of others, he writes the stories himself. 

Ciele Athletics

Ciele Athletics aim is to move people to movement, to connect a community through considered equipment and exceptional experiences.

The brand focuses on performance and protection, designed for athletes and adventurers of all kinds.

Falcon Enamelware

Originally manufactured in the Black Country area near Birmingham, England, Joe Kleiner & Sons created the original enamelware brand, distinctively ice-white with the blue rim, the classic design is still instantly recognisable to this day. In 2011, the original collection was revitalised – creating new colours and cookware sets along with increasing the gauge of the classic mug, making the products more durable and hard wearing.

The brand continue to expand their range, by developing new tooling for beautiful yet functional products and now successfully sell in over 50 countries around the world.

Far Afield

Global inspiration teams up with contemporary British design to provide menswear that is distinctive and of high quality. Classic craftsmanship and attention to detail is married to the unique to make sure that with Far Afield the wearer and the creator go that one step further.


Forét encourages you to slow down and go offline, we do this by also thinking about our environmental impact and what we as a brand can do to save the nature for future generations. Our cottons are mainly sourced with organic cotton as priority. Currently produced in Portugal; we forge long lasting relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we are partnering with businesses that also share our passion to preserve our environment.


Fracap aren’t the easiest of brands to get hold of. Originally produced solely for the Japanese market and now made available within Europe, these hard-to-find hiking boots are fast becoming an international phenomenon. Every pair of Fracap boots is handmade to order and crafted in a small family run factory in Lecce, Southern Italy; The original hiking boot produced for the modern man.

Good On

Sourced in the US and produced in Japan, Good On pride themselves on outstanding quality and timeless design.

The brand expresses its characteristics through diverse texturing and dye methods meaning each individual product is different and this is something only Good On can offer. Continuous research and development of particular dying methods has been key to Good On's success and we are delighted to be the brands first UK stockist.

Hatton Labs

Established in 2017, Hatton Labs is a contemporary jewellery brand steeped in the history of Hatton Gardens. Born from a love of the traditional trade, the brand utilises pioneering design and 3D printing technologies to create quality pieces in Europe’s most prestigious jewellery district.


The family business Martin Magnusson & Co. was founded in 1936 and is now run by the third generation of Magnussons. Both design and development is done at the headquarters in the town of Hestra, Sweden


Hikerdelic brings together the worlds of rambling and raving in one concept via a collection of outerwear, printed t-shirts and socks that will look the part whether your estate is country or council.


Kestin is a Scottish menswear brand with a focus on making the highest quality garments for everyday. Founded in 2015 by designer Kestin Hare with almost 20 year’s industry experience, Kestin is redefining modern Scottish design by blending innovation with tradition. Combining details from workwear, military, sports and outdoor wear, Kestin’s products are functional, subtle and distinctive. The brand is focused on unique fabrics, great fit, and clever detailing. Responsible and local manufacturing is key.

La Paz

La Paz is a menswear label created in 2011 by two friends, André Bastos Teixeira and José Miguel de Abreu, in Porto, Portugal. Our work is the result of a deep research process around traditional clothing and production techniques. The re-interpretation of time-honored designs gives the tone to the collections and the Atlantic mood underlines it.

Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory Perfumes creates unique, evocative  fragrances that are crafted from environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. 

Inspired by the natural flowers, herbs and aromatic botanicals of Britain, as well as trips to the south of France and the mountains of Morocco, our range of scents and candles are carefully crafted in a laboratory to react to the wearer and evolve during the day. It’s a new way of making perfume the old-fashioned way.

The scents created by Laboratory Perfumes don’t dictate age, origin or gender. They allow your journey to remain your own.

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Ordinary Fits

Ordinary Fits is a Japanese brand of unisex daily wear. The brand was launched by designer Makoto Kodama in 2008 in Kojima, Okayama. 

In vintage items like denim, work wear or military uniform, rationality and irrationality coexist in perfect harmony. Ordinary Fits updates this feeling to suit the modern mood and produces the items capitalising the best modern manufacturing techniques in Japan. The result is not a replica of anything else, but genuinely a collection of Ordinary Fits. It will be part of your wardrobe for the next 10 years and it may become something to call future vintage. This is their wish and also the meaning behind the brand name.

P.F. Candle Co.

P.F. Candle Co. is an independent fragrance company from Los Angeles, owned and operated by wife-and-husband team Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger. Since our founding in 2008, P.F. has grown from a one-woman operation to a team of over 60 people, making candles, reed diffusers, incense, and more. We believe that fragrance should be an everyday luxury, and our mission here is to make life smell better through high-end quality and affordable prices. Yearly, we donate a portion of our total net profits to local and national charities. We are proud to contribute to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, The National Resources Defense Council, and the Downtown Women’s Center. These three organizations represent issues we care deeply about; environmental advocacy, ending homelessness, empowering women, and fighting hunger.

Portuguese Flannel

Fabrics manufactured by master craftsmen in the old towns of northern Portugal who expertly brush them to unparalleled softness. Portuguese Flannel only use fabrics that are produced by the traditional way, selecting the finest ones. It doesn’t follow trends or vibes of the moment. Its inspiration comes from genuine people from both the coast and mountains, with a brave and challenging way of living – resulting in a timeless yet contemporary design.


Sanders & Sanders Ltd. was established in 1873 by brothers William and Thomas Sanders of Rushden, Northamptonshire. They had a vision of offering outstanding quality footwear to discerning members of the public throughout England. They and their five craftsmen selected the finest English hides, the best local oak-bark tanned soles and began to design and make boots.


The Swedish bag brand Sandqvist was founded in 2004 by Anton Sandqvist, and soon his brother Daniel and their friend Sebastian also joined the company. An early devotion to outdoor life and a childhood spent in rural Sweden has had a deep impact on the Sandqvist designs through the years.